Hydro Power Project


As a long-term investor we are committed to develop and make lasting economic, social and environmental contributions to the societies in which we operate. Somwbe is located in a remote area in DRC. We recognize that power generation is a prerequisite for development, particularly in our area where modern power is in acute shortage.

Sombwe is ideally situated for
the construction of a hydropower dam.



Sombwe is a hydropower Scheme being developed on the Lufira River, 30 kilometres downstream of the Kiubo Falls in the southern DRC. 300 km north of Lubumbashi and 200 km of the thriving mining city of Kolwezi, Sombwe is deep in the copper belt in the north of Haut Katanga, downstream of two existing hydropower developments at Koni and Mwadingusha.

Our Mission

Kipay’s scheme for Sombwe, which will commence construction in 2019, will have a maximum output of 150 megawatts and will generate 580 gigawatts of energy per year.

Why choose Us?


From Sombwe, the power the dam generates will travel 160 kilometres south to Fungurume where it will join the national grid via a SNEL substation. Kipay’s Sombwe development will provide electricity to the mining companies in and around Kolwezi and help to advance the development of nearby villages by providing them with access to electricity for the very first time.

Indicative Structure

Capital Structure of project 30% equity 70% debt
Project cost 432 Million USD
Investment period 30 years
Equity IRR 22 %
Strategic partner Ingerop, Knight Piesold, General Electric, Trade Serivice
Documents already signed Concession Agreement