As a long-term investor we are committed to develop and make lasting economic, social and environmental contributions to the societies in which we operate. Somwbe is located in a remote area in DRC. We recognize that power generation is a prerequisite for development, particularly in our area where modern power is in acute shortage.
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We have taken the responsible decision to engage as early and as transparently as possible with the communities in the impact zone of the hydropower project at Sombwe.

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We will ensure that those communities, most of whom are living on or below the poverty line, have a proper understanding of the complex and lengthy process of construction that will shortly get underway, so they are able to develop trust and clear communication with the company and that they also reap the benefits once the dam is completed in 2024.

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We work closely with and engage in partnerships with environmental and development experts. We undertake an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), which complies with the World Bank’s Standards and national laws of DRC. Currently KIPAY is in the process of upgrading the ESIA so it will meet the IFC standards and the financers requirements.

Tôles contre Malaki

December 2018 Kipay implement the project Tôles contre Malaki in Kamera.

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There will be no relocation
of local communities

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Local Partnerships

As part of its commitment to building sustainable partnerships with the communities affected by its operations and to sharing the benefits of economic development that the hydropower plant will bring, Kipay not only hired the people of Kalera to build the road, they also engaged them to help plan its route. This is a company that values and cultivates local knowledge.

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What we Do

There are already two agricultural programs initiated in Kalera, thus later will be introduced to the other villages in the impact zone. They have initiated an agricultural exchange program, to stimulate to sustainable self-organization for developing output - and a pilot to Empower women as proud farmers- to support the role of rural women in agricultural. And via these first agricultural programmes, Kipay hopes to support the people of Kalera, most of whom are subsistence farmers, to substantially increase their yields.