Sombwe will be the first privately developed hydropower project in DRC and will serve as a
model for how DRC can utilize its hydropower potential in a sustainable way.

Sombwe is a hydropower Scheme being developed on the Lufira River, 30 kilometres
downstream of the Kiubo Falls in the southern DRC. Two hydropower stations already exist
upstream of the Sombwe site: Koni and Mwadingusha located on at the Tshangalele Dam.

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Knight Piesold and Ingerop have prepared technical feasibility studies:
- location, option analyses, geotechnical investigations, hydrology, energy simulations,
proposed scheme layouts, surface powerhouse, underground powerhouse and transmission




Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply deep-rooted within KIPAY's culture.
As a long-term investor we are committed to develop and make lasting economic, social and
environmental contributions to the societies in which we operate.
We work closely with and engage in partnerships with environmental and development
experts. We undertake an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), which
complies with the World Bank’s Standards and national laws of DRC, prior to any
investment decision.
Somwbe is located in a remote area in DRC. We recognise that power generation is a
prerequisite for development, particularly in our area where modern power is in acute
During project assessment and construction, the company will work closely with local
communities to understand their needs and help ensure that the projects deliver social
In addition to employ mainly local people at our site we will collaborate closely with local
communities on programs designed to provide them with lasting social and economic
Kipay will contribute to the creation of employment and the socio-economic development of
the surrounding communities

technical Specifications


The power plant is designed for a maximum output of 150MW megawatt and to generate
580GW gigawatt hours of energy per year.

Dam Type: arched gravity type dam.
Underground excavation: 400 000 m3cubic metres
Tailrace tunnel: 3.3 kilometre
Turbines: three 50MW megawatt vertical Francis turbines.
Storage capacity of the dam: 320 million cubic meters.
Preparation and design start: 2019
Construction phase 1 start: 2020
Start of production and repayment start: 2024
Various studies have been completed. The geotechnical feasibility studies still to be completed.


Electricity will be delivered via a 220kV kilovolt transmission line to either the SNEL
substation at Fungurume or alternatively power will be delivered directly to mining clients in
the vicinity of Kolwezi.




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regulatory progress


Kipay has made great strides over the past two years, both in regulatory compliance and
engineering design. Kipay investments have a concession to develop the Sombwe site.

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                                  Kipay's projects will aid in meeting the current energy deficit in the mining region of Katanga. 

                                  Kipay's projects will aid in meeting the current energy deficit in the mining region of Katanga. 

national power delivery


The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the 11th largest country in the world. The
population is 83 million, of which 12 million live in the capital, Kinshasa. The DRC has one
of the lowest rates of electrification in the world at just 9%, with 1% in rural areas and 19%
in urban areas. The DRC is endowed with large mineral resources and has a potential to
install up to 100,000 MW of hydropower capacity.