The electricity sector in DRC is regulated by the Law No.14/011 of 17 June 2014. This legal framework has set liberalism in this vital sector of the economy, favoring the entry of the private sector in order to increase significantly the rate of the National Electrification estimated at 9.6% today. 

The country has enormous assets for the development of the energy sector: (i) a hydroelectric potential of 100,000 MW (23% of global potential and 37% of African potential; (ii) 52% of freshwater reserves in Africa and (iii) various potentials in renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, etc.).

– Substantially increase the capacity of production and transport of electricity. 
– Develop the energy distribution of electricity infrastructures in order to improve the service rate for households. 
– Diversify and develop alternative energy sources. 
Potentials :
– Hydroelectric Potential: 100 000 Megawatts; 
• 23% of the global potential; 
• 37% of the African potential; 
• 52% of African reserves; 
– Biofuels: huge production; possibilities;
– Renewable energy: solar, wind, turbine, biomass and geothermal.


– Construction of hydroelectric dams; 
– Construction of 4 Pan African energy highways: 
– Inga-Cabinda (Angola) –Pointe-Noire
– Gabon-Cameroon-Nigeria ; 
– Inga-Kolwezi-Zambia-Zimbabwe-RSA
– Inga-Angola-Namibia-Botswana-RSA
– Inga-South Sudan-Egypt. 
– Construction of hydroelectric plants Wanie of Rukula (688 MW) of Sombwe (186 MW) of Kalengwe (204 MW) and Kamimbi/FUTA (53MW) ;
– Rehabilitation and modernization of G16 and G13 groups of INGA I and G24 Inga II; 
– Construction of Inga III low head (4800 MW); 
– Construction of Inga III high head (3000MW); 
– 217 hydroelectric sites identified for construction of hydroelectric power plants; 
– Production Potential estimated at 44000 MW;
– Transportation, Distribution and marketing potentials.


– The enactment of the Electricity Act in June 2014 enshrining the liberalization of the sector; 
– The establishment of a regulatory authority of electricity;


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