Investors Team


Eric Mumba Monga

With over thirty years of experience for clients in the mining sector, Eric brings the level of expertise needed for such an ambitious initiative. As a native Congolese with a firm belief of the important role that energy plays in every aspect of Congolese economic development. In 2001, he founded Trade Service, a design and logistics firm that focuses on taxation, facilitation of trade and customs clearance agency, for which he currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 2012, Eric established DRCMCS, an independent mining consultancy firm in Lubumbashi and registered in New York, which offers a wide range of services exclusively for the international mining and metallurgical industry and Companies affiliated to the exploitation of raw materials. He is regularly invited leading international conferences such as Africa CEO Forum and the annual conference of the Clinton Global Initiative as an expert in issues about the DRC. Eric currently serves as President of the Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC) in Katanga and the leader of the National Committee on Energy. He has extensive experience in the Congolese economic sector and is member of several associations worldwide.


Yamandou Alexander

Yamandou is an experienced voice, satellite, and mobile telecommunications executive with a keen eye for emerging markets. He founded ASG Telecommunications in 1996 and oversaw its expansion from a mobile device wholesaler to a key voice and satellite network integrator and supplier for both mobile operators and NGO’s. As co-founder of T+, the second mobile operator in the Cape Verde Islands, he oversaw a significant development impact by modernizing and expanding the telecommunications services in the region, by promoting competition in the market and contributing to the increase of reliable and affordable communications services. In 2006, he crossed into the transportation industry, to integrate his technology background with a newfound consciousness of sustainable transportation. GoGreenRide was born out of a commitment to develop green transportation, cutting edge technology with outstanding customer service, to create a truly unique alternative and has recently been acquired by a larger transportation group in New York. He brings the experience of creating organization from the ground up, along with a diverse list of competencies necessary to get Kipay projects off the ground. Supplementing his work, Yamandou is also a co-founder and director of The Georges Malaika Foundation, a non-profit organization focused in providing educational opportunities for girls in The Democratic Republic of Congo.