The second edition of Conference on Energy in DRC was arranged in Kinshasa 5th-7th of April 2018. The conference offers a platform to discuss possibilities and development of the electric power sector in DRC. By bringing together a diversity of perspectives and examines how initiatives from government, businesses and finance can meet to help deliver better hydropower and ultimately better development for all.


The second edition of the conference consisted of three parts:

  1. The status of the current electricity sector from public and private sector perspectives. Governmental initiatives were discussed.
  2. The development of legal and incentive framework in the electricity sector investments.
  3. Solutions offered/proposed by the IPP (Independent Power producers)

2 days of site visits. See the full program here

The conference is initiated by KIPAY and organised in collaboration with FEC ( Federation of Enterprises of Congo) and Trade Service.

Watch the complete documentation of the conference on the KIPAY ENERGY Youtube channel

The first edition of Conference on Energy in DRC was arranged in Lubumbashi in April 2017.