Sombwe will be the first privately developed hydropower project in DRC and will serve as a
model for how DRC can utilize its hydropower potential in a sustainable way.
Sombwe is a hydropower Scheme being developed on the Lufira River, 30 kilometres
downstream of the Kiubo Falls in the southern DRC. Two hydropower stations already exist
upstream of the Sombwe site: Koni and Mwadingusha located on at the Tshangalele Dam.


Knight Piesold and Ingerop have prepared technical feasibility studies:
– location, option analyses, geotechnical investigations, hydrology, energy simulations,
proposed scheme layouts, surface powerhouse, underground powerhouse and transmission


The power plant is designed for a maximum output of 150MW megawatt and to generate
580GW gigawatt hours of energy per year.

Dam Type: arched gravity type dam.
Underground excavation: 400 000 m3cubic metres
Tailrace tunnel: 3.3 kilometre
Turbines: three 50MW megawatt vertical Francis turbines.
Storage capacity of the dam: 320 million cubic meters.
Preparation and design start: 2019
Construction phase 1 start: 2020
Start of production and repayment start: 2024

Various studies have been completed. The geotechnical feasibility studies still to be completed.

Electricity will be delivered via a 220kV kilovolt transmission line to either the SNEL
substation at Fungurume or alternatively power will be delivered directly to mining clients in
the vicinity of Kolwezi.